Fearless Masters Conference 2024

What an honour to speak among some of the best photographers in the world at the Fearless Masters Conference 2024! I really enjoyed every moment of this amazing event… not only my speech but also all the great stories from the other speakers! But the most important thing is that I met so many, awesome people some of whom I now call friends and I already miss them!

I want to thank you all for your love and your kindness… I got so many heart warming messages ❤️ and of course THANK YOU Fearless Photographers and Masters of Wedding Photography for choosing me among thousands of photographers from all over the world, as you mentioned!!!

One of the best lectures I ever heard!

It’s visible your education in the visual arts and we can recognize it in your photos – light, composition, perspective, balance between shadows and lights… I really enjoyed in your photos, especially black & whites. Pure art!
Ninoslav Stojanovic

Thank you Dimitrios Kontos, Stijn Willems and Laurentiu Nica for the photos!!!