Style is notoriously difficult to pin down, though temptingly easy to make vague comments about. Style should be about a personal way of seeing things and this is how it should be. This is the art of photography. Elena covers weddings using a very photojournalistic style. She strongly believes that the most special thing about photography is its inherent realism, that makes the viewer assimilate themselves more closely to the story presented by the image. “These are the meaningful and successful photographs”. She likes to capture the emotion of your day as it happens and all those moments that makes every wedding day so very special. She is primarily a documentary photographer but she always shoots some formal pictures quickly and efficiently, like family groupings and all the details like the dress, the shoes etc, that makes your story so unique.


Elena lives in Athens but she can travel all around Greece and obviously all around the world. She loves traveling and she is very comfortable traveling for events.


Every wedding day is unique. This is why all wedding coverage options are customized to best meet your needs and wishes. Out of Athens and international coverage is quoted per inquiry and any additional fees will be added into the total cost based on location. These fees would cover flights, hotel, rental car and other incidentals. In order to book the date, a signed contract is required.

Thank you!