Wedding in Tinos Greece

Wedding in Tinos

Dimitris and I were really excited to go to the island of Tinos in Greece and photograph Gerasimos and Natasa’s wedding. Tinos is surrounded by Andros, Syros and Mykonos, in the North of the Aegean Sea, and it is still unknown by foreign tourists. The amazing beauty of the beaches and the sunsets, combined with the fine architecture give Tinos a particular charm and beauty. The wedding ceremony took place at the church of Stavros and the reception at the hotel Tinos Beach. Gerasimos and Natasa must have made generous contributions to their karma account because the weather worked out perfectly. The days before their wedding were a bit chilly with rain and wind. Fortunately, they had the perfect atmosphere for their wedding, with numerous emotional moments. Gerasimos and Natasa, we don’t have words for you! You guys are loads of fun, incredibly nice and so simply perfect for each other. Thank you so much and wish you all the best!

Wedding Photographers: Elena Haralabaki, Dimitris Kontos